Children & Young Adult Class

We offer Aikido classes for ages six to twelve. The classes are fun and challenging but do not require special fitness ability or an aptitude for sports.

There are many benefits for kids and young adults to explore martial arts, particularly Aikido.

Coordination and Confidence

Aikido contributes to children’s understanding of how their body works and challenges them, without the pressure of a competitive sports environment. Our practice contributes to strength, flexibility,  coordination, and accelerating progress in other physical fitness activities. Integral to our practice is learning how to roll and fall safely as well as learning a variety of self-defense techniques.

Aikido Contributes Directly to Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social-emotional learning is the way children (and adults too), develop and expand their emotional intelligence.

Aikido is a unique martial art because of its focus on protecting oneself, without an overuse of aggression. To do this, there is a focus on building emotional intelligence at the same time children are learning new physical skills. Emotional intelligence (basically being smart with feelings) is connected to how well kids do in school, build relationships, develop a sense of self-efficacy, and of course their overall health.

Naturally, kids learn self-respect, respect for each other and respect for their teachers.

Persistence and Patience

Aikido is a fascinating martial art, and like all new experiences, takes time and persistence to learn. The patience and pertinence learned in Aikido impacts performance, inside and outside the dojo.


Class is fun and connects to children and young adults’ natural curiosity and their inclination to move and play. This is accomplished in a non-competitive, collaborative and safe environment.